Sunday 17 November, 2019

UPDATE: Chefette has grown wiser in its 45 years

Chefette Warrens had an extremely long line.

Chefette Warrens had an extremely long line.

Chefette Restaurants Ltd. celebrates 45 birthdays with freeness.

Loop chatted with Managing Director Ryan Haloute on this momentous occasion about the lessons that Chefette Restaurants has learned over the four and a half decades in Barbados.

He said:

"It's difficult to think offhand of even five at the moment, but for sure the key lessons are:

"1.  To always heavily give back to your communities.

"2.  To treat your employees, customers and suppliers well.

"3.  Constantly improve your brand, that is service, training, marketing, etc.

"4.  Remain humble during the journey."

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Today, Chefette allowed customers who purchased snack boxes to get a free extra piece of chicken and those who purchased rotis got a free roti which was of equal or lesser value.

Customers made the most of the birthday special as lines at every branch of Chefette were long. Many people flocked to the establishments around the island. The drive-thru lines were no better than the lines indoors as each person meant that they were to enjoy some freeness compliments Chefette.

On social media, one man who was snapped leaving a branch of Chefette with numerous plastic bags full of food had people wondering if he will be eating rotis from now to 2019 or if he was catering a Christmas party.

Happy 45th Birthday, Chefette Restaurants Ltd.!

UPDATE: Police on foot are stationed at one entry to Chefette Six Roads, St. Philip. The drive-thru line was backed up to the entrance, and on the inside, the line snaked down into the dining area while some customers waited outside. This was the orderly scene when Loop passed after 8:00 pm.

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