Friday 3 July, 2020

Christ Church residents launch Neighbourhood Watch

Residents of Platinum Heights and Callenders Gardens, Christ Church have come together to launch a Neighourhood Watch Programme as they try to ensure that they are the “eyes and ears of each other”, says its Public Relations Officer, Anthony Clarke.

Speaking at the launch over the weekend, he said they intend to work together as a community to improve their personal safety and household security; a programme to have neighbours watch out for neighbours.

The programme, he emphasised, is one that is aimed at combatting crime before it starts, since it reduces the opportunities for crime to occur.

“Your neighbour knows who you are, what type of car you drive, and might be the first to notice a suspicious person at your door or window. A police officer or patrol is not always aware of the normal comings and goings in your street, so you and your neighbours are in a position to observe strangers or strange behaviour and report these suspicions to police,” he explained.

He said a simple exchange of names and numbers in your area is a start in getting to know your surroundings and in getting to be that person to protect the other from some form of crime.

He reminded that crime prevention is everyone’s business and as such residents of every community should be responsible for its protection.

Clarke added that these types of programmes are not always about crime and security but also to build strong and connected communities.


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