Thursday 13 December, 2018

Combermere teachers on edge

Combermere School, Waterford St. Michael

Combermere School, Waterford St. Michael

The series of unfortunate events at the Waterford institution appear to be continuing with no end in sight.

Police received reports of a 14-year-old student being found in possession of a gun magazine who was later interviewed and admitted to taking up the magazine unknown to his father and bringing it onto the school compound.

President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU), Mary Redman said the union is quite concerned about the incident and will be looking into it.

The Principal of the school, Vere Parris held a meeting with staff on Monday to bring teachers up to date on the incident and also to inform them on what course of action is being taken to investigate.

“Coming out of what happened at the staff meeting yesterday [Monday] some distressing facts we were apprized of today and therefore we will have to give Combermere some serious attention.”

A source who attended the meeting told Loop News that up until Monday many were unaware of the specific details involving the student who came to school with the gun magazine. The source said information coming from Parris at the staff meeting was not at all clear and they are still in a state of uncertainty as to how the matter is being handled with the student who has since been suspended.

Redman said members who attended the BSTU meeting at Solidarity House expressed similar concerns.

“Teachers have only heard some of the information regarding the matter. Based on what they have heard today and what has been reported to us today, there is a high level of concern in relation to the matter. That is all I can say in relation to the matter.”

“Some of what I heard today is very disturbing to me and to the general membership from the reaction and from the comments made and that is why the union now has to seriously investigate and understand really what really is happening there, for the protection both of the teachers and students in that institution.”

BSTU members also discussed other matters affecting the union such as the cases involving dismissed teachers and the possibility of docked pay for those who attended last month’s march.

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