Sunday 24 June, 2018

Come out to CARIFESTA events!

With CARIFESTA XIII about halfway through already, low turnout at events and a lack of organisation has been highlighted as a concern for many.

Hundreds of artistes and persons in the creative industry have travelled to Barbados from across the Caribbean for the 10-day festival, which began on August 18.

While Tropical Storm Harvey put a damper on the official opening of the festival, it is now heading into day five and the feedback coming into Loop News so far is that the excitement and interest in CARIFESTA seem low. Some delegates pointed to a lack of organisation and it has been reported that some performances have been rescheduled or pushed back due to poor audience attendance.

Are you attending CARIFESTA XIII activities and events?

Yes - as many as I can
Yes - but there is a lack of information
No - I'm not interested in Carifesta
No - I don't have enough information about the schedule

One Barbadian spoken word artist took to Facebook this week to urge all Barbadians to embrace the unique opportunity that is CARIFESTA to make new connections with other Caribbean people, celebrate their Bajan-ness and simply rejoice in being alive.

A passionate DJ Simmons shared a Facebook Live video that now has over 12,000 views. While he lamented the low-key start to the Festival, he got emotional as he explained why being involved in CARIFESTA makes him so proud to be Bajan and from the Caribbean.

He told Bajans why he thinks they should fully immerse themselves in the CARIFESTA experience and all the ways that it can enrich their lives going forward, noting, “It ain’t bout tourism, it ain’t bout trying to make money now. It’s about feeling good!” 

Here's some of what he had to say:

One critique from some is that there are so many events happening and they are not aware of them all. For updates on all that is happening at CARIFESTA, log on to the or visit the Facebook page Carifesta Barbados 2017.

CARIFESTA Event flyers

There are scores of events being staged daily at various venues across the island including Alexandra School, Lester Vaughan, Christ Church Foundation School, Combermere School, the UWI, Barbados Community College, Queen’s Park Gallery, Frank Collymore Hall, Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Bay Street Esplanade and Olympus Theatres. They range from performances of dance, theatre and music to culinary competitions, fashion shows, art exhibitions and film screenings.

Fringe events are being held at locations such as Pelican Village and the Barn Art Centre. There also workshops, symposiums and seminars being held daily at multiple venues.

The cost of admission to events ranges from free to $70 for some major productions.

This evening’s activities include theatre, dance and musical performances at various venues, while the Grand Market stalls and cultural performances continue daily at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

The Signal Event for literary arts comes off at 7 p.m. at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.

CARIFESTA XIII ends on August 27.