Saturday 19 September, 2020

Commuters calling for more buses to ply routes for their $3.50

Clients at the polyclinic chatted with Loop about their experiences since the bus fare hike.

Clients at the polyclinic chatted with Loop about their experiences since the bus fare hike.

Bajans in the East are asking the question – ‘Why did the government not bring more buses and new buses before raising the fare?’

With the new $3.50 bus fare in place as of April 15, 2019, Ms. Rawlins from St. John told Loop News:

“They should wait till de buses put on de road first, because I mean yesterday, so much people was in de bus stand waiting.

“I was in de bus stand waiting for a Bayfield bus from half past one till after 4 o’clock, and none still didn’t come. They ain’t had no 1:00 pm. They ain’t had no 2:00 pm. They ain’t had no 3:00 pm, and I don’t think they had a 4:00 pm.”

Fed up and tired, she said that she resorted to calling a friend’s son to take her home around minutes to 4:00 pm.

Painting a picture of what it’s like daily catching the bus from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal, the senior citizen said, “Like last week, I went in de bus stand to catch a 2:00 pm Bayfield bus and I come there and find people that went there for a 10 o’clock bus. They ain’t a 10:00 am. They ain’t had 11:00 am. They ain’t had a 12:00 pm. They ain’t had a 1:00 pm. But they did send a 2:00 pm.

“Sometimes you be in de bus stand fuh like four hours before you can get a bus.

“Don’t talk about de Martin’s Bay bus route. I from St. John, come down in Venture Bottom to get an 11:30 am bus from Martin’s Bay and when I get down there they say nuh bus ain’t come up. When you get a 9:30 am bus, 10:30 am bus from town yuh ain’t getting nuh 11:30 am, yuh ain’t getting nuh 12:30 pm, you got to wait till sometimes after 3:00 pm before you can get a bus. Martin’s Bay is terrible. It real bad.”

Another woman who was also attending the St. Philip polyclinic in Six Roads when Loop visited, under anonymity said: “I was waiting for a 8 o’clock St. Patrick bus to go to town; up to now I ain’t get de bus, so I had to end up catching a van, and when I get back in de stand, I was waiting fuh uh 11 o’clock bus –St. Patrick’s. Ain’t get de 11 o’clock St. Patrick’s up to now, so I had to end up catching uh 11 Bayfield.

“They should have put more in place before increasing the bus fare.”

And another client who didn’t necessarily oppose the price hike added, “I would have liked them to put more buses on the road before increasing the fare. They should have at least put $3 take off de 50 cents but otherwise than that dey, it alright. Ain’t nothing else you can do.”

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