Saturday 15 June, 2019

Cousins in shock after their 'King of Cheesecake' was gunned down

The late Donason Husbands

The late Donason Husbands

Two devastated cousins have paid tribute to their cousin, Donason Ricardo Husbands, who died tragically this morning after partying on a late night/early morning cruise with his friends.

According to his female cousin, the 26-year-old shooting victim received five shots, while his friend received one shot. She said this has left his family heartbroken and reeling with questions of 'Why?' 'Why him?' 'Why them?'

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Husbands' 24-year-old cousin said that she never foresaw this happening and even had work for her cousin this upcoming week. Known for his baking skills, especially his cheesecakes, she said that he made all her cakes; "He is the only body that could do my cakes," and she was planning to get him to make one next week for a friend. She said, "I just can't believe it!"

Speaking to Loop News this afternoon, she said, "He was always pleasant, smiling or telling jokes." The former Ellerslie School student went on to Barbados Community College's Hospitality Institute - Hotel PomMarine, to perfect his craft and then he worked at Sandy Lane and for Cool Runnings catamaran cruises, before focusing heavily on his own business. 

Another cousin who was very close to Husbands and sometimes helped the 'King of Cheesecake', as Husbands was familiarly called, said that his cousin loved to cook. "Well he is a hard-working person. He love to cook for the tourists and he love to bake cheesecakes, and he also love to play football etcetera."

Not even able to bring himself to speak about his cousin in the past tense, he added, "It's a lot more but right now I can't believe my cousin gone and leave me." He said that Husbands had only just helped him to start back up his own business as well.

Husbands and his friend, who was also shot but survived, were from the BajanBoyz group. Husbands is the second from the group to die unexpectedly and tragically. Their best-friend Nahum Clarke was killed back in 2012 and his body was found in Black Rock.

Reports from patrons and fellow Ellerslie schoolmates reaching Loop are that those who knew Husbands believe that he was not the intended target because he was not the kind to "get in a scene with anybody".

Husbands resided at Fairfield Road, Black Rock, St. Michael.

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