Thursday 26 November, 2020

COVID-19 contact tracers at the mercy of patients – Tell us the truth!

Contact tracers are 100 per cent dependent on COVID-positive patients to share their whereabouts and contacts without withholding any information.

Not pointing fingers at or casting blame on any of the confirmed cases recorded in Barbados, the COVID-19 Czar issued an appeal for persons to assist with the contact tracing efforts by being upfront and truthful without fear.

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“We obviously rely on people to tell us where they have been, not everybody would be open and honest, particularly if they have something to hide.

“You have to rely on what the person tells you. You can’t make assumptions beyond the evidence.”

He told this to Loop News as he confessed that Barbados currently has one active case with no travel history and no links to patients who have previously tested positive. Barbados had another case under investigation from about six weeks ago but that patient spent the 14-plus days in isolation, received the two required negatives, and has been discharged.

As it relates to contact tracers not discovering any links, the Czar went on to say that beyond the possibility of community spread: “It is possible that this person may be linked to someone that we have, and has not put forward that information because there is some reason why he wants to protect it, possible we don’t know, but as it stands, we have no way of linking him.”

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