Monday 19 October, 2020

Crane Resorts using colour codes to identify COVID-19 status of guests

Owner of the Crane Hotel, Paul Doyle, speaking with the press on Senator Lisa Cummin's tour of the area.

Owner of the Crane Hotel, Paul Doyle, speaking with the press on Senator Lisa Cummin's tour of the area.

Guests at The Crane Resort are required to wear designated armbands during their stay. 

 As Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins and other ministry officials toured the hotel to view the implemented COVID-19 protocols, managing director and owner of Crane Resorts Paul Doyle told Loop News about the resort's precautionary measures. 

The Crane was one of the first local resorts to reopen its doors after the national shutdown and has been assigned as an optional quarantine facility. In response to the multi-functionality of the resort, guests have been provided with colour-coded armbands. Each colour indicates the health status of the visitor. 

Guests must wear red armbands if they have not received their first test results. These visitors are treated as though they have been diagnosed with the virus and restricted to their hotel rooms. 

Green armbands are for travellers from low and medium-risk countries who tested negative for the virus. These visitors are allowed to traverse the property once they adhere to the social distance protocols and the wearing of masks. 

Persons from high-risk countries must take a second test and be re-tested four to five days after their first test. 

Doyle indicated that during their one-night stay, guests are treated to room service since they are not permitted to go to restaurants, stores, or the beach. 

"Once we can keep the people that are in quarantine separate from the people that aren't then everybody stays safe. The people who are in quarantine can walk freely in the pods to get their exercise and sunshine and walk to the historic pool," Doyle said. 

Blue and white wristbands represent visitors from low-risk countries who are awaiting their second test results. 

The managing director of Crane Resorts disclosed that a special sanitisation team is assigned to cleaning quarantine rooms. This team uses spray machines that contain an LED light feature to discover any fluids that remain on surface areas that are then extensively cleaned. 

Doyle also commended Goverment's health officials for the quick processing of test results.

Senator Cummins, who was in attendance, informed the media that visitors sang praises of the island. Many were concerned about the discomfort of being tested and being monitored, but there have been no complaints. 

"You have a beautiful view from your room while looking out onto the ocean. Who wouldn't prefer that rather than staring out onto a cold, dreary and, potentially snowy street. . . . It is about people being able to manage living through a global pandemic until we are able to find a vaccine and being able to do it in beautiful Barbados."

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