Monday 28 September, 2020

Creativity whipped up for Agrofest can be exported

Pleased to sample sweet potato ice cream, golden apple ice cream and a spinach and ginger drink, Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agriculture Society (BAS), James Paul told Loop News that the future of agriculture seems bright because Barbadians are bringing their innovation to the fore more and more annually.

But he called for a move towards exportation as well.

Highlighting the varieties offered in terms of the ice creams, and while gushing about the golden apple and sweet potato flavours specifically, he said, “I thought those we very nice. Ice creams being made from natural products cultivated here, I think that was extremely good.

“I think that was a plus in terms of the direction in which we are going.”

With the diversity on sale, Paul said that Agrofest 2017 “went quite well” because “we’ve been able to demonstrate the fact again that Barbadians are very innovative and creative and are continuing to use local agricultural products in terms of trying to final products, to create value-added products and I think that is extremely good and people are forming an appreciation for those talents.”

Therefore he added, “What we are hoping to see as we go forward from here is a further refinement of those products and one of the things that certainly we’ll be looking to do is to explore the export-potential for those products as well.”  

Considering the thousands who visited the three-day exhibition held in Queen’s Park over the weekend, Paul said the show of people was another win for agriculture because it showed that parents and teachers, who brought children and students, continue to view agriculture as important, not only to the national economy but as a career for the young generation as well.


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