Monday 30 November, 2020

Crop Over: 12 Types of Event Promoters

There are many different types of event promoters in the Caribbean entertainment business nowadays - some good and some bad.

Whether you are a patron, bartender, deejay, door operator or sponsor, you may have met your share of these promoters.

What do we mean?

Here are the 12 types we have come across in our years:

1. The Strictly Business Promoter 

This promoter is all about making a dollar. He/she does not fancy giving out passes or discounts so you better not miss that early-bird discount, if offered because they seldom do. It doesn't matter if you miss it by a day or even a few hours for whatever reason, 'Early bird DONE!'. Sometimes when looking for an apology, they simply give you the response "Sorry, it's stricly business". Not many people fancy this type of promoter because they may come across as rude at times but they do respect them.

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2. The Professional Promoter

This promoter is not to be confused with the "strictly business" type promoter. Professional promoters do what they have to do to pull off a successful event without being rude or pushy. They are understanding but cannot be used or pushed around. They are organized, straight forward, smooth and precise. They make promises and keep them. If for whatever reason they can't keep up their end of the bargain they always inform you in a timely fashion, apologize and make up for it. For these many reasons their events usually go smoothly.

3. The Multitasker 

This promoter is simply genius! Events are their calling and most times their only source of income. They are great at planning and it reflects in their events which come off with little to no hiccups. Because of this obvious talent, you can guarantee that this promoter will have an event almost every weekend and sometimes have a weekly series under his or her belt. They are simply taking over the event industry. 

4. The Behind The Scenes Promoter

You may see them advertising an event but they never say "this is my event". Sometimes it may be due to the fact that they have a 9-5 which clashes with the lifestyle or in other instances the person may simply just not want to be in the spotlight. Whatever it is this, promoter knows how to play his/her cards right to make people attend their event. This promoter often uses another person(s) as the face of their event, and on the night of the event they are usually seen mingling in the crowd as if they were just any other patron.

5. The Pop-Up Promoter

No one knows how these promoters do it but they somehow get the job done. These promoters plan events and start advertising them days before the date. Somehow they manage to grab a modest crowd as sometimes they are popular persons within the entertainment industry or veterans in the game.

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6. The Antisocial-Until-the-Time-is-Right Promoter 

We all know a few of these promoters. These are the ones that pass you in public all year round and as soon as it's time for his/her event they start greeting you. Some of them even decide to persistently contact you on social media trying to get you to buy tickets. As soon as you give-in, the cycle starts all over again. That is, they go back to not knowing you until their next event approaches. "BRB" equals "Hear you next Crop Over" in this promoter's books.

7. The "Let's work together" Promoter

If you work in the entertainment industry then you have met a fair share of these promoters. These are the promoters that use the word "exposure" as a way to gain free services. They try to get the setup, lighting, decorating, DJs, performers, photographers and whoever else he/she can get to offer their services for F-R-E-E. They do not like paying for anything and always look for a way to cut costs. Needless to say, these promoters walk away with the bag at the end of their event!

8. The Supportive Promoter

This promoter believes in forging meaningful and long-lasting business relationships. If you also do events they will be purchasing tickets and showing up to your event. If they live in your neighbourhood they will be spending money with your business. The supportive promoter also has a good support system because of how they do business.

9. The Overly Friendly Promoter

This promoter is downright messy. You may see their event full but that is merely because they give out passes and discounts like water. During the event, they fraternize with the patrons, staff, DJs, promotional girls and almost everyone else. They are hardly on top of what is going on and sometimes because of this, there may be discrepancies with the execution of their event, and you may even hear rumours of discrepancies in monies earned and distributed afterwards too. 

10. The Fraud

The name says it all. This promoter is the worst of them all. They always have events coming up but they never happen and even if it does you should be prepared for disappointment. You seldom get what was advertised, and furthermore, don't be expecting any form of reimbursements ever. These promoters sometimes advertise events that are not even theirs. Stay far away from these promoters! But how do you spot them? Sometimes, someone else learned the lesson firsthand and drops crumbs for others to see and take heed. In the news, you may see an ad saying 'XYZ' is no longer affiliated with 'ABC' and cannot conduct business or collect monies on their behalf. 'Pick sense' as granny used to say.

11. The Micromanager

These promoters try to be on top of everything that is going on with their event. Throughout the night they move to different points of the party to supervise their workers. They move from the door, to the bar, to the food stalls, to the stage and back around the event which continues until the end of the night. Luckily this routine works to their advantage... most of the time.

12. The Newbie

The name simply speaks for itself. These are the promoters that are new to doing events and are still grasping what is needed in the industry. Sometimes they are lucky and their events come off without a flaw and other times they take a big loss because they are still growing a following. Either way, newbies learn a huge lesson in loyalty.

What type of promoter are you, or which do you prefer? 

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