Sunday 21 April, 2019

Crop Over police plan in effect

(File Photo)

(File Photo)

The mass shooting and murder which marred Grand Kadooment celebrations last year is still fresh on the minds of members of Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF). 

And as such, they will be rolling out an intensive policing plan for this year’s festival events.  

Words of this came from Commissioner of Police, Tyrone Griffith during a press briefing on Monday at Police Headquarters.  

Griffith said the Force had worked out a “safe and seamless plan” to ensure the safety of locals and visitors at all events.  

He revealed there will be “stepped up activity” that in some instances can result in some inconvenience to members of the public but he assured it was all necessary to ensure safety.   

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“One can expect, without giving full details on the intricacy of the plans, that there will be some inconvenience.” 

Griffith hinted to an increase in the number of stop and search operations stating that some persons maybe the subject of “close scrutiny” by the Force, adding vehicles may also have to be searched.  

He also said the plan will include an additional police presence in areas which were not heavily policed in the past to ensure there were no “off shoots of violence”.  

Griffith gave the guarantee that the Force will be doing all in its power to keep the country safe for the rest of the Crop Over Festival but he stressed there needed to be cooperation between the public and police.

He said both in the community and at the ports of entry, it was the civic duty of Barbadians to share information with the RBPF.  

He said this was one of the key ways police will be able to rid the island of illegal firearms.  



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