Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Dale Forde is inspiring others to heal using her story

Broadcaster and Media Specialist Dale Forde is using her own story to help others heal

Broadcaster and Media Specialist Dale Forde is using her own story to help others heal

Barbadians today have a tougher time than ever dealing with the pressures of life, love, and relationships. 

But Dale Forde is trying to help Bajans to better navigate life in her new Scarred Not Shattered radio show alongside cohost Tamika Newton.

She sat down with Loop News to share her thoughts on the show and what she hopes she can impart to others who may be struggling in life today. 

Loop News: What was the inspiration behind creating Scarred Not Shattered?

Dale Forde: Four months ago, I had a life-altering experience that I eventually wrote about on our Facebook page; the man I thought was the love of my life got involved with someone else and I found out on Facebook. It was devastating. I kept a journal during those challenging times, and I decided to write and share my story because other women close to me were going through their own relationship hell and felt they had no recourse. Either no one understood, they did not know how to help, or they did not care. I was in that same position and I found a way out through prayer and support from my sisterhood and brotherhood.

One of the greatest sources of support was through a then acquaintance Tamika Newton, who is now one of my closest friends. She listened and shared her own story which comforted me and guided me on the way forward.

We both wanted to create a platform/safe space for women to share, heal, and help each other. We started the Scarred Not Shattered (SNS) FB and Instagram pages with inspirational quotes and then our own stories. We felt it was important that we are open because we cannot ask others to be authentic when we are not. Recently, we have been doing Insta lives with interesting people, who have their own amazing stories and lessons to share.

We decided to start the radio show because our message could reach an even more diverse audience. 

Loop News: Are you all focused only on helping people in relationships?

Dale Forde: Even though the genesis of the Scarred not Shattered movement is about relationships, people are scarred by other situations as well – family, friends, work, money, or lack thereof, etc. We intend to look at every facet of life and how we are traumatized by it, address it, see it for what it is, offer workable solutions, overcome it, and thrive. We may be broken, we may be scarred but we are certainly not shattered.

Loop News: Is this movement exclusively for women?

Dale Forde: No, the movement is for both men and women. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, because people see that our motivation is true, and we are here to help and not to harm. There are some uncomfortable truths that some who visit our page, watch the stream, or listen to the show on radio, do not want to come to terms with, but they will have to eventually. When they do, what they need to help them through is there waiting for them. There is somewhere they can turn to.

Loop News: What other messages do you want people to take away from the page and the show overall?

Dale Forde: That we are all human, we are not perfect, and we can never be. That it is OK to say: “I am hurting, I need help, please help me.” That it is OK to say: “I was wrong, I am sorry that I hurt you.” That it is OK to apologise and do better, it does not make you weak, it is actually one of the bravest things that you can do; that you should forgive because it is the first step to freeing yourself; that it is OK to love someone with every fibre of your being and walk away from them because they are not good for you or you are not good for them; that if you loved once that you can love again - better and stronger; that it is ok to be angry, disappointed, afraid, and experience all those emotions we do not understand, and we do not talk about it, but it is not OK to hit or purposely hurt another person.


You can take the pain and use it as fuel for putting you in a better place, to do better.

That we all have purpose and happiest is he or she who seeks and find theirs.

That prayer and faith work.


At current Dale says they are still in the early stages of growing their movement but are also looking for partners to keep the show on the air and assist in helping as many people as they possibly can. 

Scarred Not Shattered is on FB and Instagram.

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