Sunday 27 September, 2020

VIDEO: Demarco's mother says son will make full recovery

Demarco's mother, Tricia Gibbs (left) being comforted by Keisha Thomas, (right) the mother of the 11-year-old who was bullied online recently.

Demarco's mother, Tricia Gibbs (left) being comforted by Keisha Thomas, (right) the mother of the 11-year-old who was bullied online recently.

Hallelujahs and amens rang out in the Richmond Gap community on Monday night as Barbadians gathered to pray for the recovery of young Demarco Gibbs. 


Media reports detail Demarco was beaten by a group of young children in his community in June. The incident which resulted in the 10-year-old being warded at the Intensive Care Unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has caught the attention of most Barbadians, with the hashtag #JusticeforDemarco trending on social media. 

By the end of the candlelight vigil, mother Tricia Gibbs, was overcome with emotion for the outpouring of love her son has received over the last few weeks. 

Gibbs told Loop News she is confident her son will not only wake up but she believes he will also make a full recovery. She provided a medical update on Demarco's condition, clarifying that the young man suffered brain damage but he is not brain dead as was previously indicated. 

"It is not brain dead. I had misunderstood what the doctors said, [Demarco] brain just swell. He gine be good, he gine fight he fight and come home." 

{Photo: Family of Demarco Gibbs including his mother (standing), younger brother (white shirt) and younger sister (shirt with hearts)}

She said the boy's condition had improved marginally over the last 24 hours and her hopes were high. 

"I carry my positive vibes up there today [Monday]. He stool today and I help to clean he. He heart rate gone up and he temperature a little high but the body heat good. One of the monitors out so that is a good sign."

Gibbs also expressed relief that there had been progress with the police investigation. She told Loop News she had been informed there were four persons who were suspected of beating her son but she is not aware if charges will be laid against them. 

"It was four of them. One boy hit [Demarco] with a stick but he didn't hit him that hard and the little girl [name] is who push the little boy to fight with [Demarco]. And then the two big ones is who end up hitting [Demarco] with the stick in his head. All of them the police had hold for questioning and they only blame the one little boy."

The candlelight vigil was well attended by residents, family, friends, religious leaders as well as the constituency representative for the area. 

On Sunday August 9, there will be a Justice for Demarco march which will kick off at 4 pm from Jubilee Gardens. 

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