Monday 1 June, 2020

Diary of online dating: No dates, but eye candy galore

To date online or not to date online? That is the question.

The 21st Century has ushered in a new age of finding love and has completely transformed the ways in which persons develop romantic relationships.

That love bug has struck the Caribbean, as persons in a tiny country like Barbados are finding romance in their island through technology.

Today we continue with the story of Jane, who we caught up with last week as she dipped her toes into the world of online dating for the first time.

The 27-year-old gave into advice from friends and family to turn to technology to find love and already had regrets about that decision.

Let's see how she's feeling now.

Jane wrote:

So it's been a few days. 

A few days of me being out there in internet land for browsing eyes to see... hopefully for browsing eyes to see and desire to learn more about me.

I say hopefully because well - frankly... that has not been. I've seen, I've seen. I've browsed, I've browsed... I've hoped, hoped and hoped a little more... but that's about it so far.

Sigh. But I'm not just sitting down waiting however... nooooooo, Not At All!!!

I'm using three different means to do my online dating: two are the traditional put in your information and we'll match you with persons who you are compatible with sites - i.e. I'M COMPATIBLE WITH NO ONE SO FAR!!!!       Seriously!        I'm I that odd!

Anyway right. I'm on those two. But then...  then I'm on another one. A fun one. Yeahhhhh, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Yes, that app that allows me to swipe right on a guy that catches my eye or swipe left, if his photo my eyes don't digest. Sounds shallow right?

That's Because It Is!! And I thank God for it!!!

Why?!?! Because without it I'd be just waiting... waiting for a match... waiting for someone to say "hi". Yep... without it, I probably wouldn't remember that I'm online dating.

It serves a great purpose in my life right now... my online dating life that is. Sad but true.

What's that purpose? It gives me the power to swipe and the pleasure to look!

Look at persons I normally would not.

Now I have no interest in a relationship with someone outside the 28 - 35 range...but with this app I can look. After all it doesn't hurt to see what's up in the life of the athletic 23-year-old or the successful 42-year-old. Nahhhhhh. Right?        

It's     just     looking   ...   with    veerrryyyy     inTriGued    eyes.

So I shall look and if I see someone who catches my eye on any of the platforms I shall message... but while I wait, I shall look...  

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