Thursday 15 November, 2018

Disney on ‘Eyes’ by Tal Peleg

Drawing and painting are skills that take time and patience to develop, but imagine if the canvas was an eyelid. Yikes!

It may sound like a nightmare or a challenge from hell, but for 31-year-old Tal Peleg it’s a norm.

She wouldn’t describe it as a walk in the park but she is good at what she does.

“Creating eye art is a process. Back in the day my work was artistic yet more abstract, and over time they became more and more illustrative and detailed. It didn't just happen in one day. I really love art and painted since I can remember myself, so using the eye as my canvas was my way of mixing my passion for illustration and makeup together.”

The Artist and Makeup artist recreated Belle and the Beast from Disney’s classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in their dance scene and captivated many persons on social media. On Facebook alone this one creation got 23 000+ likes and reactions, almost 8 000 shares and over 3 000 comments.

Smiling she said, “The beauty and the beast work took almost five hours to create.”

Asked if during the course of her eye art if she has gotten faster, she explained:

“The amount of time it takes me to create a work didn't change much over the years. It's all depends on how complicated and detailed the design is. I work slowly and take my time. I've been creating artistic makeup for about ten years, but I've been doing the illustrative designs for about four years.”

As if her eye art was not amazing enough, she shocked Loop when she identified her model. When asked if models stay steady during the process so as to not smudge or smear the makeup, she laughed and said:

“It's very easy to get the model to sit quietly, since I am my own model! I use my own eye. Since it's me, no, I never needed to start over because of that. I did start over in the past because I didn't like where the design was going though, so I erased it and created it all over again.”

With hundreds if not thousands of designs completed and documented, it was hard for her to say what’s her favourite.

After some thought she said, “It's hard for me to choose a favorite, but I guess the one with the black cat playing with yarn is one of my favorites because it was inspired by my cat Louis, who passed away two years ago, but I created it when he was still alive, so it reminds me of him and that makes that piece of work more personal and sentimental. It's also very popular and got great responses.“


Tal Peleg's Instagram: tal_peleg


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