Sunday 21 April, 2019

DJ Bon comes out victorious in 2018 Stoli DJ Competition

DJ Bon holds his winner's cheque.

DJ Bon holds his winner's cheque.

C'est bon!

In fact, for Kambon 'DJ Bon' Aarons life is better than good, it's great!

Over the weekend, DJ Bon used his skills and talent to win more than $10,000 in cash and prizes compliments Stoli Barbados and a few sponsors

From the time he stepped behind the 1s and 2s at Regne Lounge on Saturday night, he brought confidence, energy, and versatility, earning himself 432 points and the title of Stoli's Most Original DJ for 2018.

Equipped with a bag full of drops or dubplates, including one from the soca king himself Machel Montano, Bon thoroughly entertained the crowd from start to finish, stepping from behind the decks occasionally to hype up the crowd.

The DJ also had a few extra surprises up his sleeve, and to the crowd's delight, he was joined centre-stage by ballroom dancers and a Michael Jackson impersonator.

In the winner-takes-all style competition, Bon earned himself a cheque for $5,000, an internship at Slam 101.1 FM, two free costumes for Kadooment day compliments sponsor Xhosa Kadooment Band, two Foreday Morning costumes compliments Jambalasee Foreday Morning Band, a VIP experience for himself and 10 friends in Regne Lounge and a graphic redesign compliments Made For Media.

Chatting with Loop after taking the title, he explained:

"It has not been easy.

"I had to overcome a lot of personal stuff in terms of being fearful. In the past I have always had somebody that has been a hype man or somebody that has been on the forefront holding the microphone to talk and hype up my music so in terms of the Stoli competition, this gave me the opportunity to do everything myself and I told myself from the beginning of this year that I am going to actually do things myself.

"Every individual has a personal challenge or a personal battle and my personal battle has always been against shyness, self-confidence and the list goes on. This was like a hurdle for me to conquer and I conquered it. I was a little scared, a little nervous but I told myself you know what, if you have been DJing this long you have what it takes, so just be triumphant."

And he thanked the Father Almighty after being announced the winner in the wee hours of Sunday morning. "I would like to thank God for sure because God has been my driving force," an elated Bon told Loop.

The 34-year-old went on to say that now through the competition he believes he will finally be more recognised as an individual brand. Not new to the game at all, he is new to doing it alone though and hence his name will now grow in people's minds, is his hope.

He said, "It has always been DJ Bon and somebody else. However, even as a DJ that has been out there so long, you still have to give props to the people that were instrumental in helping you get far."

Bon thanked those DJs he would have partnered with for the last 10 years of his DJ career-Admiral, Alvin Toppin and Mikey Dred.

The runner-up was DJ Bobby Kush who earned 364 points. His charisma and striking Jamaican accent made him stand out from the crowd, however, it was not enough to defeat DJ Bon who brought his A-game.

DJ Tonk who was somewhat impressive with his mixing skills and sound selection, amassed 282 points and had to settle for the third position.

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