Saturday 25 May, 2019

DJ Puffy slamming tunes on tour

Fans and radio listeners were given a wake-up call last night when Andre ‘Dj Puffy’ Parris put down his last set on-air on SLAM 101.1 FM for a while.

But he caught the momentous occasion in a Farewell SLAM 101 FM Live Recording posted on his Facebook page.

Puffy remains affiliated with SLAM 101.1 FM but he won’t be on island to host and work his usual shifts.

He made the decision to travel the globe pushing music along with his productions while boosting his skills and reach. Puffy will continue to fly the flag for country and the brands that he represents.

He told Loop:

“It is not a complicated story. Obviously as an artist and as a creative, we constantly look for growth and SLAM has allowed me to pursue my dreams even further in terms of becoming a more international artist, deejay, producer.

“I’m now on tour for the next more than six months.

“There is no really set time. I’m basically not going to be on radio to accommodate the World tour that we’re going to be on. The schedule is really insane.

"The requests that have been coming in, if I took most of them which I obviously would want to, it would not be very accommodating in terms of the SLAM schedule and they were already flexible with me. So basically I had to make a decision.”

Puffy is grateful for the opportunity and opting to follow his dream, he says that by being on tour he will be taking “the time to grow even more and represent not only the station but the country on the whole.”

On tour already, Puffy just did Martinique, London and Antigua. “I'm in New York now. Then DC, Belize, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Miami, Spain, Jamaica, Grenada & one other stop that I can't mention at the moment.”

Speaking to what he hopes to achieve touring, Puffy said, “The tour signifies and influences growth in all directions, for my brand and for me personally. Most of the shows allow me to showcase the artist that I really am versus being limited to a genre. I'm looking forward to playing more big festivals in 2017 as well, larger audiences, more open minds and of course pushing my own music.”

Signing off on Facebook, Puffy said,

“Love you guys so much man. Thanks so much for listening to me every evening on SLAM 101.1 FM. Your support & love is priceless. Gonna get ready to hit New York tomorrow for that leg of the tour. Gonna read all your comments on the plane as well.

"Thanks again!!!

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