Thursday 22 October, 2020

DLP president pens thoughtful post about the murdered 'Nut man'

Verla De Peiza (FILE)

Verla De Peiza (FILE)

Verla De Peiza, the president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), has described the late Randy 'Nut man' Selman as a "customer service perfection".

Selman was shot near his Golden Rock home in The Pine, St Michael, on Wednesday, September 23.

The public has since expressed outrage at the killing of the popular nuts vendor.

As Barbadians expressed their shock and grief at his passing, De Peiza also added her sentiments.

She wrote: 

"We watched him move from a crocus bag to selling from the back of a van. Never forceful, always polite, he was customer service perfection.

"Evidently, he chose his spot with care, having a captive audience almost all day with the entanglement of traffic at that junction.

"THIS WAS THE FUTURE OF BARBADOS. This is what entrepreneurship and goal setting look like. A small shop may have been in his future.

"But we will never know now. Another young, productive man cut down in his prime."

Selman's mother said that he started out selling nuts for someone else but after some unfair treatment and injustices, she pushed him to go out on his own and he did. Only recently, Selman stepped up his game even in these COVID-19 times.

De Peiza, who is an attorney by profession, said that Selman's death cannot be in vain. She said that it must be a catalyst for positive change.

"Let us resolve to make something positive of his demise. We must rise up against gun violence, as a people.

"Our government will not do it for us, they are painfully silent and move only to implement harsher penalties. We need social reform and engineering too. We need to make a better and different Barbados, where we pull together for the common good of our people.

"And we need to start today."

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