Monday 26 October, 2020

Do not expect immediate results

He says it is unrealistic to expect immediate results simply from the implementation of technology-driven reform.

According to him, the pace at which benefits evolve is normally influenced by other factors which include the existence of other complementary reforms, change management and leadership degree of user receptivity and supporting institutional infrastructure.

He was speaking last week at the official launch of the Electronic Single Window (ESW), where he expressed how happy he was that the ESW is up and running since Government is expected to gain from an improved e-government and e-governance infrastructure and enhanced collection of taxes, duties and penalties.

He says the BESW represents one dimension of the response of the Government of Barbados to improve business and trade facilitation.

“We cannot challenge the fact that as a country heavily dependent on international trade with over BDS$3 billion spent on imports since 2010 for domestic consumption and production, we must commit to simplifying and streamlining existing regulations, behaviours and practices that impact business and trade facilitation,” the minister said.

Referring to The Doing Business of 2012-2013, he said it cited the simplification of customs procedures and the implementation of systems that accommodate the electronic submissions of trade related documents, as a “good practices around the world in making it easy to trader cross border.

The Electronic Single Window (ESW), he says, will ensure that governments have higher levels of efficiency and transparency and reduce incidence of corruption and more accurate and timely trade related statistics. Not only will government benefit, he said, but the private sector or non-government sector should be able to see faster clearance of goods and enhanced levels of predictability.

Resources are being mobilized to ensure that the BESW will communicate effectively with the recently implemented Customs software ASYCUDA World.

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