Thursday 13 August, 2020

Do not just develop energy standards, implement them

Participants at the workshop.

Participants at the workshop.

Consumers can be afforded a wider choice of safe, reliable and consistent quality products and government can have the scientific and technological basis for health, safety and environment legislation, if energy efficiency standards are implemented in the region.

Dr Erwin Edwards, Head of the Regional Project Team of the Energy Efficiency Labeling Standards said standards are necessary for development as “we need to develop in a structured way and in a way that we can reproduce what we have achieved.”

Speaking to the media following the opening of a two-day Regional Policy Roadmap Workshop on Wednesday, he said it is time that the region takes advantage of technologies and technical expertise that are available, that they can develop and implement standards for various appliances.

He said people are still not aware of the importance of standards and how it affects their pocket in the long run if they intend on simply buying the cheapest and piece equipment and expecting it to last for years.

“Anything we can do to educate our public to help them to make decisions that will stay well to them going forward in a sustainable way, we should. We need to tap into the partners available to us and all technological expertise to have these standards in place, not just to develop them but to implement them,” he said.

Dr Edwards added that the average person tends to benefit from the standards that they are trying to develop.

“When you go shopping and you need to spend three thousand dollars on a piece of equipment, you want to know that the machine that you buy, it will work how it is supposed to work and will last how long it is supposed to last. You don’t simply get the cheapest piece of equipment that is out there, you get the one that will give you the best operating cost,” he explained.

He stressed that for developing countries standards represent internationally recognized best practices and could be an important source of technological "know how". They also provide a basis for making correct decisions when investing scarce resources.

The workshop which is taking place at Divi Southwinds has attracted policymakers and energy experts from across the region to discuss energy standards and policy analysis.

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