Monday 3 August, 2020

Do not race after rally one-day event

Leave the speeding to the rally drivers.

Leave the speeding to the rally drivers.

The Royal Barbados Police Force has issued a warning to all drivers to refrain from speeding on opened roads after tomorrow’s rally event.

This word of caution comes from Sergeant Seibert Johnson of the Traffic Johnson.

Wishing all a safe rally day tomorrow, he advised:

“It’s the weekend and remember we have rally, a rally event which will be held on Sunday, King of the Hill, and persons normally who attend these events when they are leaving they leave with these kind of ideas in their heads that they can drive as good as the competitors driving on the roads which were closed to traffic other than vehicles in that event.

“We want to remind persons that our roads are still very much alive and persons must not drive that kind of reckless way on our streets.”

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Noting the high number of serious and fatal accidents for 2017, he once more warned that the Force is prepared and will report all law-breakers.

“We will have speed crews out who will be monitoring and remember we have zero tolerance on speed. If you are caught on ABC Highway driving at 85 km/h you can be reported being it is only 80 km/h. So that zero tolerance is the message we are sending.”

Therefore he urged persons to “be careful”.

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