Monday 13 July, 2020

Dog bites marked accused burglar

When a man decided to confront a witness who supposedly saw him breaking into a house, he was stopped in his tracks by a very protective dog.

And the bandages that covered the bites to his hands and stomach were used to identify him as the culprit.

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 21, he, Corey Antonio Morris, was given an 18-month sentence when he appeared to answer a charge for Burglary.

Morris, 39, of Stuart Land, Bush Hall, St Michael admitted that he entered Richard Browne's house on November 16 and stole a television and cell phone worth over $1500.

The magistrate in the District “A” Magistrates' Court heard that Browne left his home secured on that day and went about his business. It was sometime later that neighbor, Jonathan Bellamy saw Morris walking around the house looking suspicious.

On further inspection, Bellamy heard glass breaking before witnessing Morris going through the window. Morris then emerged with something wrapped in a peach-coloured sheet.

On seeing Bellamy, Morris confronted him in an aggressive manner but was attacked by a dog. However, he managed to escape the clutches of the animal, running to a car with a television.

When Browne returned he noticed that not only was the television gone but so was his cellphone. The owner of the car which Morris escaped in, was traced. He told police that he lent the vehicle to Morris the same day of the incident.

When Morris was brought into custody a small laceration to his thumb and puncture marks to his stomach stood as a reminder of the dog attack.

The television and cell phone were both recovered.

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