Monday 30 November, 2020

Dominica's opposition leader implicated in Al Jazeera report

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton says the Al Jazeera report published on Monday raises questions about the adherence to the rule of law in Dominica.

In an address to the nation, which was broadcast on Wednesday, he said the report gave irrefutable evidence that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and members of his cabinet did in fact sell diplomatic immunity.

“Effectively the diplomatic passport, an asset of the state of Dominica, was sold by Roosevelt Skerrit and his group of hungry hyenas” he said.

Mr Linton said the allegations against the Prime Minister should not be ignored. He said it warrants a police investigation and a commission of inquiry to decipher what really happened, identify those culpable and ensure justice is served.


“The evidence is crystal clear in the Al Jazeera documentary, but the people of Dominica have a right and a legitimate expectation that the head of state will take these allegations seriously and launch an investigation.”

If elected, Mr Linton said the United Workers Party will criminalize the sale of diplomatic passports, an act he described as a crime against humanity.

“Within one hundred days of the United Workers Party administration, we will enact the Sale of Diplomatic Immunity Act, which prohibits any attempt to sell diplomatic passports, immunity or ambassadorships.”

What Mr Linton did not mention in the almost six minute address is that he too was implicated in the controversial documentary.

Just over 47 minutes into the Al Jazeera report, Dominica’s former Prime Minister, Oliver Serafin attempted to broker a deal on behalf of the opposition UWP. He told the Al Jazeera undercover agent that their candidate would be appointed ambassador, in exchange for a financial contribution to Mr Linton’s election campaign.

He stressed that this appointment hinged on the UWPs success at the polls.

This was confirmed a few minutes later in the documentary, by attorney David Bruney. During a conversation with the Al Jazeera agent, he said he represented the interests of opposition leader Lennox Linton and confirmed that Mr Serafin was a trusted friend, who represented their position perfectly.

According to the Al Jazeera report, Mr Bruney then drafted a document which said that the candidate would be appointed Ambassador within 28 days of Mr Linton being sworn in as Prime Minister.

Mr Linton has since denied any involvement in the sale of diplomatic passports. He said any attempt to implicate him is nothing more than a diversionary tactic.

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