Friday 22 November, 2019

Don’t fear Kooyman Barbados

Kooyman Barbados groundbreaking ceremony

Kooyman Barbados groundbreaking ceremony

Both the Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley and the CEO of Kooyman Holding International BV, Herbert van der Woude have assured local competitors in the hardware sector that this new megastore is not one to fear.

Prime Minister Mottley stressed that for growth Barbados must open outward and cannot afford to be myopic or insular, therefore she called on local businesses not to feel intimidated or disheartened with this new addition.

“I’d like to congratulate Kooyman. I’d like to congratulate Massy for working with Kooyman and bringing them to Barbados. I’d like to say to all of us […] and those who may have some trepidation, change is not easy, but without change we can’t move to the next level. When we were children we were told, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’, and I truly believe it because if we are not prepared to take risks to do things differently, then we are condemned to remain in the place in which we have found ourselves. The place of the last decade was not a comfortable place. […]

“I want to welcome Kooyman and I want to welcome Barbadians who believe that we can up our game in every respect to compete just as hard against Kooyman and to work with Kooyman to compete just as hard against those outside of here, because this is our world…the world is our business and our business is the world.”

Meanwhile, van der Woude said that he feels welcomed by the way Kooyman has been treated so far by the Prime Minister, government institutions, communities and “we even feel a little bit welcomed by the way the competition reacted when we informed them of our decision [to move here].

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“To them [our competitors], I want to say, they need not worry for unfair or unethical practices. We are not price fighters. We will fight a tough but fair and open battle to gain our share of market just as we do in all other four markets that we are in.”

The Prime Minister assisted with the groundbreaking, turning the soil at this evening’s ceremony in Kendal Hill, Christ Church.

Kooyman Barbados is projected to open in the first quarter of 2020 and it is expected to employ about 100 persons full-time, but with 20 or so persons on flexible part-time hours, according to Human Resources Manager Sharon York.

Kooyman Barbados is a total investment of USD $40 Million, shared by Senior Project Manager Job Laboyrie. On the land space, Director of Purchasing and Marketing Frank Hoencamp explained Kooyman will build a Megastore in Barbados on Lot B with a Drive-Thru and 200 parking spaces, while Lot A and Lot C remain for future developments. Though van der Woude hinted that Lot C’s purpose may also come to light soon.

This is the first Kooyman megastore outside of the family-owned business’ home markets in the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonnaire, Curacao and St. Maarten. This is also the first English-speaking market.


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