Sunday 31 May, 2020

Don’t sleep on these Crop Over 2017 tunes

Hollabak's new video is 'Sweet Like Ooh'

Hollabak's new video is 'Sweet Like Ooh'

One monarch has already been crowned and the finalists have been locked in for the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions.

But those are just 16 songs that can rock a party and with hundreds more out there, it’s easy to miss some real gems.

Here are 10 songs that the Loop team is loving:

1. Holla Bak - Sweet Like Oooh

The lyrics are very timely and the video complements them perfectly – people are feeling the stress of the economic strain and just want to party to take their minds off their worries for a bit.


2. Marvay – Stars Align

Ever kept bumping into the same person and wondering, ‘Is this fate?’ This groovy soca tune is romantic, sexy and is all about the thrill of a new attraction.

3. Joaquin – The Baddest

The Jack Frost Riddim has brought us some gems this Crop Over season (like Lil' Rick's 'Advantage' and King Bubba's 'Welcome Home') and Joaquin’s track is one of the baddest!

4. Edwin Yearwood – Tax-He

Edwin brings commentary back to the party with this witty tune that will have you jamming and thinking about the economic jam at the same time.

5. Bobo – Tek Time

Biggedy Bo! Lyrics on top of lyrics in this percussion-heavy jam from Bobo. This grime-infused track makes us want to #festerskank.

6. Alison Hinds – Mr SweetWine 

The Caribbean Queen of Soca has no doubt sampled a lot of wine in her time and in this groovy tune she shares exactly what makes a guy qualify for the title ‘Mr SweetWine’.

7. Lil Rick – Wait Til Tonight

The Hypa Dawg shows he can slow it right down and get romantic as he croons this sweet one.

8. Aidan – Life Nice

This groovy tune is simply a feel-good tune!

9. iWeb – Up

This one will surely put you in a good mood as iWeb sings about the importance of staying positive through life’s troubles.

10. Faith – Refill

We can’t get enough of Faith’s catchy song and the video is fire! Enjoy the vibe and drink responsibly.

So what songs are stuck in your head?

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