Thursday 20 February, 2020

Dr Delisle Worrell given his walking papers

Attorney-at-law for Dr. Worrell, Gregory Nicholls confirmed to Loop News that his client received official notice of termination on Thursday evening.

The dismissal came on the heels of a ruling handed down by a panel of Justices at the Court of Appeal.

Shortly before 5 p.m. yesterday Acting Chief Justice Sandra Mason, Justice of Appeal Andrew Burgess and Justice of Appeal, Kaye Goodridge announced that the court will not overturn the Justice Randall Worrell's discharge of the injunction he had previously granted.

The injunction which prevented Sinckler from firing Dr. Worrell was first put in place on February 12 at an emergency hearing at the High Court. Justice Worrell then discharged the injunction on February 17 after attorneys representing both sides presented their arguments before the court.

It was then temporarily reinstated for a period of six days until the Court of Appeal’s decision was made.

Nicholls said he is not able to disclose the full details surrounding the termination of employment but as of Thursday, Dr. Worrell was removed from his position as Governor of the Central Bank.

“His appointment has been revoked. He has just received notice of the Minister’s intention; he got that yesterday afternoon.”

Nicholls also said by a decision on whether or not his client will be seeking legal redress at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) will be made by the end of business day. 

UPDATE [4:30 p.m.]: Cleviston Haynes to take over duties as Central Bank Governor

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