Friday 25 September, 2020

Drought conditions continue with low rainfall totals in Barbados

The Barbados Met Office

The Barbados Met Office

Forty per cent less rain has accumulated this year over last year in Barbados. 

Barbados’ recorded rainfall to date is hundreds of millimetres less than for the same period last year.

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Rainfall for Barbados so far for 2019 currently sits at 533.1 millimetres in comparison to 875.5 millimetres accumulated during the same period in 2018. That is a difference of 342.4 millimetres of rain.

Meteorologist David Harding told Loop News today, Saturday, September 28, “At the end of last year we had 1148.08 millimetres. Normally, we get an average just around 1400 millimetres, sometimes you can go up to 1600 millimetres a year.

“So at this time, we way below.”

Converted, Barbados has had 13.4 inches less rain for this year compared to last year. “That's a lot of water we’re behind.”

Making no predictions, Harding added that in October and in November, we usually get “a fair amount of rainfall.” However, it is unknown if the figures will catch up by year-end.

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has started to implement more water conservation measures including shut-offs at certain stations across the island as off yesterday, Friday, September 27, 2019.

The measures to deal with drought conditions in Barbados were implemented June 2, 2019, and were to run until August unless an extension was necessary. Then at the start of September, the decision was taken by the government to indeed extend the measures for two more months.

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