Friday 25 September, 2020

Drug accused was duped, says lawyer

A trip to the post office was cut short for a woman carrying a big brown box with contents worth over $15 000.

Those contents came in the form of four silver taped packages containing 1.9 kilogrammes of cannabis.

Though, Kimberley Kerry-ann Alicia Catlyn pleaded guilty to March 18 charges of trafficking, possession and supply; her lawyer said she was "duped by a person she placed her trust in".

Attorney-at-law Kashka Hemans said Catlyn, a 38-year-old cleaner of Dunsombe Hill, St Thomas did the 'honourable thing' and pleaded guilty.

In addition, Hemans told the court that Catlyn had never been involved in any criminal act and asked the court to be lenient in making its decision.

Catlyn apologised to the court saying, " I trusted a person which was wrong. I really do apologise."

In considering all the circumstances, Magistrate Kristie Cuffy- Sargeant said the mitigating factors were commendable. However, the concern for the court related to the value of the drugs.

"It is quite a substantial amount."

The magistrate looked favourably on the fact that Catlyn was not known to the courts and credited her for the early guilty plea but given the value she imposed an $8000 fine.

The fine is to be paid in nine months or Catlyn will face 14 months in prison.

Based on the facts, police had received information that led them to Catlyn. She was walking along Cheapside, St Michael toward the post office and they arrested her on suspicion of having a controlled drug. The box was searched at the police station and snacks were found inside, however, a false bottom revealed the drugs.

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