Friday 14 August, 2020

Dynamic duo underscores the importance of physiotherapy

Founders of Health & Wellness Physios Dr Nicola Yard and Marita Marshall

Founders of Health & Wellness Physios Dr Nicola Yard and Marita Marshall

Traditionally physiotherapists were deemed as the “repairman” in the medical field. However, co-founder of the Health & Wellness Physios Dr Nicola Yard believes physiotherapists are way more than car accidents, sport injuries and strokes. The Health & Wellness Physios Inc. is a health institution with a difference and has answered the call to produce healthier and more industrious citizens who can assist the nation as we place ‘hands on deck’.

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Dr Nicola Yard has teamed up with fellow physiotherapist Marita Marshall to provide a service which is unknown to many locally, but heavily utilized by some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. She pointed out that areas such as general men and women health, along with health education are all a part of the physiotherapist's duties. Health and wellness in the workplace can now be added to the glorious task list of the physiotherapist.

Both of the highly-respected ladies in their field said that after some careful observation and detailed investigation they noticed a number of their patients suffered work-related injuries and the patients did not realize the root of their injury was down to some very basic ill-practices.

“Since we’ve started, we’ve realized how many people don’t even consider an ergonomic work station, don’t factor in taking breaks, stretches.Things that should be basic, but people don’t pay attention to those things”, said Dr Yard.

Marshall said that Health & Wellness Physios’ main objective is to create, facilitate and promote a safe and productive company culture physically and psychologically that is based on health, wellness and productivity. However, their services are not limited to corporate entities. So far, they have executed cyber sessions on Instagram and webinar platforms which address individuals, adults and children.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley has spoken continuously and passionately about the need for unity, focus and productivity, particularly in our workforce, as we continue to battle the effects of COVID-19. While highlighting that Health & Wellness Physios was scheduled to launch earlier, Dr Yard said COVID-19 intervened and delayed proceedings. However, they used the opportunity to market themselves on a greater scale. Thanks to the internet, Yard and Marshall have been able to reach regional and international clients with great success as the interest has been growing steadily. This was particularly due to the COVID-19 experience which has confined most to working from home.

“We’ve recognized that maybe it’s time to modify things.  People have been working at home and not in the right set up, so I think people are starting to get aches and pains, and they’re now more cognizant that they need to be sitting at a proper work station”, Dr Yard explained.

The dynamic duo stated that insurance companies have displayed the most interest in their service and they jointly believe that is likely linked to the claims presented by their clients.  However, other entities are slowly coming on board as they recognize the marriage between their employee’s health and productivity.

Marshall said that self-preservation is one of the key takeaways from their services. 

“You want to make sure you protect yourself as much as you can, that you put yourself in the best situations so that during and after your work life, you can live the kind of life you want to live and maintain that healthy lifestyle throughout your life.”

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