Monday 22 April, 2019

Edwin Yearwood inspires with moving tribute to mom

FILE - Edwin Yearwood on stage recently at the 2017 Pic-O-Crop semifinals.

FILE - Edwin Yearwood on stage recently at the 2017 Pic-O-Crop semifinals.

As the lead singer of top Barbadian band, Krosfyah, Edwin 'The General' Yearwood is well known for touching people's emotions through his singing. But, today, it was a written post on his Facebook page that pulled on the heartstrings.

De General gave a moving account of how he and his three siblings were raised in difficult circumstances by their single mother, Margaret Yearwood.

Calling her his hero, Edwin recalled days of being ridiculed for not having a lot of clothes or living in a humble house, and of going to school with just a cup of tea. However, he highlighted how his mother's perseverance and attentiveness set her four children on a path to success where they are all now productive members of society.

His testimony elicited hundreds of comments, with many saying it moved them to tears.

Others noted that this type of selfless parenting is needed now more than ever and thanked Yearwood for sharing his inspiring story.

Here are some of the comments:

- Awesome. Many moms of that era went through similar things but never allowed bad manners, discipline, respect and education to falter. Thanks for sharing Edwin.

- I have always felt a sense of pride in your achievements but I have never been prouder of you than now. I know you have always expressed your love and appreciation for your Mum and I admire you for continuing to honour her. I knew you then and I watch you from afar now. You have been and remain an honourable gentleman. Continue to make your mother proud. May God continue to bless you.

- This brought me to tears. She reminds me of my mother - a phenomenal woman. Keep cherishing her Edwin, my regret in life is that my mother died early. Oh how I miss her.

- You are blessed to have a parent/mother who understood that if life and times permits and a clear sense of purpose the mountain can be conquered. And I am sure what is even more heroic is that she in spite of her frustrations did not make you feel bad about yourself or that you did not belong in her life/that you should not be here. Edwin, I witness your winner's night at the Teen Talent Contest the whole scene exuded love. We knew you would go on to greatness. That is what we expected and our daughter is one of your biggest fans. General, Continue to Conquer!!

- Thank you for sharing your story. While this Facebook share will inspire those who get it I want to encourage you to publish it in different ways that can inspire so many including children, struggling parents, youth etc. It's the story of many families as well and an inspiration I hope it is done in different formats song, video story teller film. peace & blessings.

- Here I am contemplating how will I manage come this September. I've been asking God to show me how I'll manage, with being ill, returning to work and now trying to raise the boy all by myself whilst sending my daughter to BCC and me wanting to do UNI online. This just inspired me and now I know what I will be doing. Thanks.

Edwin later told his Facebook followers, "This story was shared to bring it to the attention of those who seek change in our country - it starts at home. She saw any of her kids on the block - she with her tiny self and a belt went for them. No way could we just lime - homework must be done and chores anything else after. She knew she could trust us to be on the block but not be mixed up in what was going on. Guns are nothing new or drugs; I sat between many guys selling and using drugs and their guns in their belt pack - never touched it, never even saw it, just watched football and went home and anyone under a particular age looking at what the guys were doing, the guys would send them from there and tell them, 'This ain't for you -  leff '. We need this rebuilding."

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