Wednesday 17 July, 2019

Edwin Yearwood not done; pens 'Don in his prison' social commentary

Edwin Yearwood

Edwin Yearwood

Edwin Yearwood was missed from competition this year, but he will be back. 

In an interview with Loop News now that the season has practically come to a close, he put the rumours to bed, that he is out of competitions. He said:

"I never said I was done with competition. They're many factors to why I didn't compete but I'm not finished. I decided to take the season off from performing and I opted not to release any music until I believe I was prepared to really go full throttle. In the meantime, I opted to get myself on better health and catch a breather as I've been traveling all year."

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Watching Edwin as he performed at shows, including Mudslyde's Foreday event at Soca Beach and the Krosfyah pop-up party, it was like he came alive and was so fresh on stage.

Loop asked him if he had a blast on stage during his appearance or if we were imaging it. With a smile, he admitted, "I did actually enjoy myself this year more than most years as I just felt freed up. I enjoyed coming in to do events and leaving to do events. It's the first time in all of my years that I took the time to really notice how much we put in this, in terms of effort, lack of sleep, living out of a suitcase and bad eating habits through not having choices every time you travel, our means of transport at times when we do travel, and the effort to get back to perform the same day in Barbados. 

"It was a lot of fun I've never ever taken it in before, made me appreciate the hard work that true entertainers put in to represent this country and spread the word."  

Furthermore, he took a moment to congratulate those who attained successes in the Crop Over calypso competitions in 2018. He added, " Let me also say congratulations to three worthy kings Lil Rick, Blood and Mikey."

Responding to critics calling on the veterans to step aside from competing to create space for new faces and younger voices, Edwin responded in the negative. He asserted, "On the end, many always talk about they should give others a chance, I say you have to beat the best to be the best and those guys turned up and killed it."

Grateful for how busy he was in the season despite stepping away from recording for 2018, he also thanked promoters and fans alike "for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of the events. Even though I didn't release music I was quite busy and I do appreciate it." And like the Royal Barbados Police Force, he too gave props to everyone for making Crop Over 2018, one without violence.

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"Shout out to my Bajan family also for an incident-free Foreday Morning and Kadooment Day. It's important to give respect for those things. In the end, I'm just grateful to be still a part of it after so many years and I'll be back God willing."

To that end, he even dropped a piece of social commentary this week and on a hot topic. After a Former Government Minister was arrested abroad, Edwin posted his first verse on his Facebook page. Part of it read:

"He was dreaming Down hey in florida hot Vibes he feel he could bribe de sun see if would cool he down ! Cause he finish laundering he clothes, but de sun so hot he exposed to heat !

"As he here he could buy some property cause he hit Bajan treasury lottery
I gine buy a prison ah feel I might need um I gine buy a prison fuh me and me friends dem so he buy a prison lock he and he friends inside um 
Loss de key can't find dem lock in he own prison

"Donnnnnn In-his prisonnnnnn ah say donnnnnnnnnn innis prison ! 
Den a fella witth no fear admit dat he sin clear 
So clear de world could see he belong in dey wid he
So dey put him innnnnnnnn (the extra nnnnnn is me singing soulfully)"

In three short days, his verse has garnered over 200 emotional responses including likes on Facebook, been shared 50 times and it amassed over 75 comments. Clearly, his fans are not ready for him to stop adding to his musical repertoire.

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