Thursday 15 November, 2018

Eight new international events as Barbados celebrates 2017 as the Year of Sports

In keeping with current tourism trends and a growing traveller appetite for adventure and activity, the BTMI has identified key events aimed at capitalising on available infrastructure and resources to generate additional business for Barbados.

The Year of Sports 2017 will feature a blend of established calendar favourites, and new, carefully crafted events, covering interests from watersports to cricket and beach tennis.

These new events include the OK Dinghy World Championships (May 25-31), the Golden Oldies World Cricket Festival (May 7-14), Barbados Pro World Surf League 3000QS (April 16-21), the Barbados Beach Tennis Open (June 26-July 2), Barbados Beach Wellness Festival (September 2-3), the Barbados Festival of Cycling (September 9-10), Dragon World Championships 2017 (October 28-30), and the Barbados Open Club Championship (October).

These events and initiatives during 2017 are expected to diversify the Barbados product and reach fresh audiences. The new events alone are projected to welcome over 2,000 additional visitors to the island.

BTMI CEO, William ‘Billy’ Griffith, added that the organisation is fully committed to the Year of Sports 2017, which will feature prominently in upcoming promotional activity.

“We expect that these new initiatives will contribute to the long-term objective of establishing Barbados as the number one sporting destination in the Caribbean region,” Griffith said.