Monday 19 August, 2019

Family, friends say 'temporary farewell' to Dr. Frances Chandler

The thanksgiving service for Dr. Frances Chandler, late of Fort George Heights, St. Michael.

The thanksgiving service for Dr. Frances Chandler, late of Fort George Heights, St. Michael.

Dr. Frances Chandler will soon be laid to rest with her mother in Westbury Cemetery.

Cremated last week, today, Thursday, March 7, 2019, family, friends and former work colleagues united in sorrow to bid the Former Senator and agronomist ‘goodbye’ for now.

Dr. Frances Chandler thanksgiving service

Father Andy Nyga called on the well-wishers and mourners to take a page from Dr. Frances, who was baptized.

He said:

“Death is not the last chapter on this journey. There is another chapter to come. Death is a part, only a little part of the human story. […] The farewell that we give Frances today is only a temporary farewell. She will live. She will rise!

“She will live because she was baptized in Christ.”

Father Andy said that by baptism God said to her, ‘Frances you are not dead. You do not belong to death. You belong to me.’

Using this analogy, he continued, “Therefore, the Christian does not really die. The Christian dies in Christ. These two words ‘in Christ’ make all the difference in the World. […] If we live in Christ and die in Christ, we will rise in Christ.”

He called on the congregation to pray for Frances to complete her journey, to pray for her daily and to pray for themselves so that we will meet in heaven, “pray and live in obedience".

To those who do not know what to say when someone passes, he advised, "Death does not have the last word. [...] We speak Chris is Risen. Death has been conquered. Many people think that the story of human life is birth, life and death, and some people will add, 'and pay taxes'. But for a Christian, it's different, the story is not birth, life, and death and taxes, but rather life, death and resurrection."

Attending the service were many members of Barbados’ Ministry of Agriculture along with persons from across the agriculture sector. Loop News saw the CEO of the Barbados Agricultural Society James Paul, Former Minister of Agriculture and Consul General to Barbados at Toronto Haynesley Benn and others. The Ministry of Agriculture created a photographic tribute to Dr. Frances.

The Eulogy was read by Former Senator, Professor Sir Henry Fraser, and a collection was taken up for the Barbados Cancer Society. Dr. Dorothy Cooke-Johnson was in attendance.

The service was held at St. Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church.

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