Monday 13 July, 2020

Family of missing mentally challenged teen losing hope one week later

Michael Blaze

Michael Blaze

The uncle of the young man who has been missing since his release from the Choiseul Police Station one week ago fears that his nephew is dead, and is appealing to the person(s) responsible for his disappearance to furnish the family with information regarding his location, whether he is dead or alive.

Michael Blaze, 18, of Westall Group, Vieux-Fort, was arrested by police along with two other men during a search at a resident in the area. He was released without charge last Sunday, but since then there has not been a trace of him.

“Maybe he is not alive…Maybe they killed him and buried him somewhere and when his body starts to decay then we will find him,” Wendy Blaze, the uncle of the missing teen grieved.

Wendy Blaze, uncle of the missing teen

He added that his family is devasted and is having nightmares over the incident.

According to him, the police is of no help to them in finding his missing nephew, who is mentally challenged. “All what the police are telling us is that they have released him and are not responsible for his disappearance,” Blaze said.

He said the neighbourhood has combed the entire community of Choiseul in search for the missing teen but to no avail.

“We have looked under bridges, searched in bushes…We have searched everywhere you could imagine,” he said.

Blaze said their situation is so desperate that they have sought the assistance of their district representative and former prime minister, Dr Kenny Anthony, who told them that he will discuss the matter with the Commissioner of Police, Severin Moncherry.

Blaze said depending on the outcome of the meeting, they will decide whether they should take some form of protest action.

He added that they are also contemplating seeking the assistance of local human rights lawyer, Mary Francis.

Blaze described his nephew, a former student of the Vieux-Fort Special Education Centre, as a person who is liked by everyone on the “block”.

“He will be among anyone, whether you’re a criminal or not. That’s just the kind of person he is,” Blaze said.

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