Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Family wants hit-and-run driver jailed for life

The St.Michael home Knight shared with his six children and girlfriend.

The St.Michael home Knight shared with his six children and girlfriend.

Doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) had given the family of Ronald MacDonald Knight a glimmer of hope when they shared news over the weekend that the hit-and-run victim might pull through.  

But all of that changed on Wednesday evening when the 45-year-old father of six succumbed to injuries he received after being struck from behind by a motor van on Sunday, March 11, 2018, a short distance away from his Exchange Hill, St. Michael home.  

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According to police reports Knight was walking along the road on the left side when he was struck from behind by a green Suzuki Vitara motor van, which ran over him in the process, as the driver drove away without stopping. He received multiple injuries to the body.  

Knight's 16-year-old daughter, Shaquoia Wilkinson told Loop News his oldest daughter, Shakila Wilkinson and their mother, Antonette Wilkinson, long-time girlfriend of Knight, were the ones most affected by the news as they were present at the hospital when he died.  

Shaquoia recounted the accident which robbed the family of time with Knight who was described as a loving and involved father and grandfather. She said Knight and two other family members were walking up Bibby's Lane Main Road. They walked ahead, thinking that Knight would complete the five-minute walk shortly behind them.  

It was about 10 minutes later the family received a call informing them that Knight had been struck by a vehicle and was laying in the road hurt. Shaquoia explained they all rushed to be by Knight's side, who was still conscious and asking for help. She said a neighbour in the medical field assisted Knight until an ambulance arrived sometime later. 

Due to the extent of his injuries, which included a damaged spine and serious injuries to the left side of his body, medical staff used a breathing tube to keep him alive. She said during this time, Knight would attempt to communicate with family when they came to visit him but because of the breathing apparatus, they could not understand much of what he was trying to say.  

Shaquoia said doctors held a meeting with the family to update them on Knight's condition where it was revealed he was suffering from a number of blood clots. Doctors said they would do all they could to prevent the clots from spreading throughout Knight's body but unfortunately, the blood clots led to his death. 

When questioned as to what the family would consider as justice served for the driver who took Knight's life, a lifetime prison sentence was agreed on by those present. They said the driver showed a lack of compassion by deciding to drive away rather than assist Knight.

The family also said the police has been in contact with them about the details of the investigation but no one has yet been charged.