Farmers called to meet the BHTA

The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) is taking another step towards deepening ties with the local farming community in Barbados.

Since the ink dried on the Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed recently with the Barbados Agricultural Society, the BHTA has received a list of vegetables grown locally by members of the Barbados Agricultural Society and is now awaiting full details of quantities and periods of availability to help the association with its planning.

Revealing this development in an address to the BAS’ recent Annual General Meeting, BHTA’s chairman Roseanne Myers said her body now needed the same information from the sheep, poultry, beef, flower producers and all other BAS sub-sectors.

Calling on all stakeholders to play their part, she also told those gathered, “As a customer, we need a digitally updated brochure to take to our members to get them more excited about what is grown here, especially when new products are to be introduced.

“From our members we need, for example, how many eggs, chicken wings etc., are served typically - daily, weekly and monthly so you can get a full indication as to the potential size of the market.  We are committing to collating this information to help our joint efforts and, perhaps, just need to priortise our efforts in this regard.”

While acknowledging that the relationship between the two organisations has not always been a smooth one, Myers, nevertheless, was happy to report major success in a number of linkages created in the past and continuing to be facilitated through culinary efforts, farm to table programmes and, more specifically, events.  


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