Friday 10 July, 2020

Fathers in Football: Harris wants men to step up as mentors

Randy Harris President of the BFA & CFU, Concacaf Vice President.

Randy Harris President of the BFA & CFU, Concacaf Vice President.

As fathers around the world celebrate the day dedicated to them, Loop Sports reporter interviewed some soccer dads who make an impact daily, not just in the lives of their own children but those who they interact with in their profession.

With a constant call in society for positive role models, these gentlemen have stepped forward and answered the call willingly.


How long have you been a father?

I have been a father for 36 years; my eldest son lives in Queens, New York.


How many children do you have?

I have three children, all boys.


What are their names?

Their names are Konata, Akem and Jomo


What is the most challenging thing about fatherhood in this current society?

The most challenging thing about being a father in this current society is the battle with children and technology.  Everything is so accessible due to technology, any child can go on a device and retrieve any information.

The thing is, to set certain values.


What is the most beautiful thing about fatherhood?

The most beautiful thing about fatherhood is the love that you receive from your children, being able to spend time with your children and have fun with them.


How has your involvement in sports aided/impacted your ability to be a father?

As a sportsperson I was able to gather some good values, one has been teamwork and don’t let the impact of the moment interfere with your general and genuine persona, that it may impair your decision making.

My children came along seeing me and being with me involved in sports, so the same values I learnt they had an opportunity to learn as well


What’s your opinion on male role models in sports?

It is imperative to have male role models in sports. The majority of persons who would have benefited through sports, had a sports role model or mentor working with them.

As children reach teenage years, sometimes they think they know everything and have it all figured out but we need people to keep us in check and give us guidance; people with experience.


What three words describe you as a father?

Love, support, discipline


What words of wisdom would you give to men on this Fathers’ Day?

Now more than ever we need men to be involved. Not only on a personal level with their children, but help to mentor the young people.

We need to get out the house and get involved in activities so that we may understand what our children are really attracted to and give them support to achieve their dreams.

We need more people to volunteer with young people because the reality is, they don’t really know sometimes what is accepted and what is required.

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