Fay Ann’s closet is ready for 2017

Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez wows with both her sound and her look.

Last year she captivated waistlines with her soca lyrics and sick beats but she also had many screaming over her outfits, especially her shoe selection.

Having today uploaded an album showing some of her looks from 2016 on her Facebook page, Loop caught up with the diva and had a telephone chat about her wardrobe.

Asked what fashion means to her, Fay Ann said, “Fashion means expressing who you are what you feel and how you want to be seen.”

You see her bedazzled or simple but there is no doubt that black is her favourite colour.

Smiling she said, “Black is powerful and it hides and highlights at the same time. A black outfit will make a pair of red shoes or handbag stand out. A black wall makes white writing easier to see, [but] it also covers any imperfections that may exist either from a fashion or as in the case of the wall foundation standpoint.”

So as she prepares to step on the stages of 2017 and deliver while looking her best, she said:

“Expect me to be there. I'm not one for the big announcements about mashing up the place and things like that. I'm a ‘expect me to show up for work’ type of individual.”

And Fay Ann, who rocks many global brands, has plans to continue working with Caribbean designers as well.

She added, “I have in the past – Claudia, Meiling, Anya, etcetera [and] I plan on doing some with Ecliff [Elie Limited].”


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