Friday 14 August, 2020

#FBF 10 things that made fairs fun back in de day

Jumping castle (Internet image)

Jumping castle (Internet image)

Do you 80s and 90s babies remember when a school fair or church fair was the coolest event on your social calendar?

While some girls were buying 05 and heading to Wild Pair for a pair of Soda shoes and boys were getting their Kangol hats and Chinese Animation shirts, a fair was the it-thing and you wanted to be at all the big ones.

But what was your favourite part of fairs back in the day, besides that lifesaving hotdog at the end of the day?

1. The jumping tent – It was the place girls lost bows and where everyone lost or found money while trying not to bump heads or knock out a tooth. Wait...did you actually go in the tent or were you the kid who liked to sit on the 'step' or edge and still had a blast without the danger?

2. $1 Dancehall – Pay a dollar and if you’re lucky you got a wine. What happened in de dancehall hopefully also stayed in the dancehall. *Mischief managed*

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3. Lucky Dip – Sometimes you felt very unlucky as you walked away with yet another pencil, ruler and balloon, but on the odd-day and you got lucky, you could win a purse or get a cool toy.

4. Haunted House – Toilet paper, paint, cotton-wool, draping fabric and cut-outs along with some ‘whooooooo’ noises spooked a few children or disappointed others. On the other hand, many never knew because it was usually one of the most expensive activities and why give up five jumps in the tent for one hit or miss haunted house experience? Right!

5. Fishcakes – When they were 50 cents a piece and your last three dollar-tickets got you six hot fish cakes to eat on your way home. If you found a piece of salt fish too and not just a bone... #Winning 

6. Cotton candy versus popcorn – Sweet or salty?! This is a war that challenged friendships.

7. Bookstall – Parents loved this stall. It’s only as an adult years later that most kids appreciate this offering on the fairgrounds.

8. Plant stand – If you can’t find your mother or grandmother, head to the orange and green pots and move a few leaves till you spot them near the cactus or ginger lilies.

9. Fish – Were you that kid that left every fair with a plastic bag of water and a fighter fish or a pair of guppies?

10. Tombola – This was the game where you got your mother or grandmother or whoever gave you money a gift. You may have gotten $20 and spent practically all, but you don’t care once you could find something for *empties pocket...finds a ticket* ONE TICKET! You are just happy to carry home a tin of tuna or baked beans with a huge smile, and make them feel like a priority.

What was your favourite part of the fair?

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