Monday 19 October, 2020

#FBF: 20 Back in de day fashion trends that were 'tight' or 'militant'

It's a fashionable flash back Friday.

Loop Lifestyle is throwing it back to the day's when outside was really outside and Saturdays meant one thing - school fairs!

Some trends repeat like pum-pum shorts and bell-bottom pants, while others seem to be gone forever.

With Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion binging back the wrap around hairdo with the two rolls and lots of spritz for hold in their WAP music video, we thought we'd revisit some old fashion statements too.

Jar dis list and see which of these trends were your favourite?

1. Butterfly hair clips

2. Chopsticks (Hair)

3. Kangol hat 

4. Pedal-pusher pants

5. Soda sneakers (To Wild Pair with Love... In 2019/2020 Fila is trying)

6. Timbs (...especially the white and baby blue)

7. Baby-G or G-shock watches

8. Jelly sandals

9. Paisley scarfs

10. Chinese slippers aka bedroom slippers

11. Magnetic earrings (You know where in Gateway Mall?)

12. 05 

13. Fubu/Phat Farm/Baby Phat/Sean John

14. Boyfriends (You either know these shoes or you don't.)

15. Big-bottom jeans (If it covered your whole Timb...Yaaaaaasssss!)

16. Chinese and Anime button-down shirts

17. Toe rings (How old is Tropicana the store?)

18. Clarks

19. Matchy-matching - Belt, shirt and socks same colour (You does dance in which group?)

20. Suspenders

How many of these trends were you a part of back in the day?

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