Thursday 29 October, 2020

#FBF 6 Food places gone from Barbados' map

Ours looked similar but the roof was brown. (Internet image)

Ours looked similar but the roof was brown. (Internet image)

There used to be more places to eat on island and some of them were unique, chill and lots of fun.

Barbados may be the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean now, but before the cuisine had some more options that quite a few people miss from the landscape.

Do you remember the following places?

1. Pizza Man Doc in the old Sheraton Centre food court with the black and red lattice chairs? 

2. Chefette Holetown. There may have been limited seating but a walk on the beach with your ice cream cone made Sunday nights the best. Who needed an ice cream parlour back then?

3. Pizzaz Pizza... There was one in Holetown too. Think of where Jus Grillin is now. 

4. Do you remember the name of the pizza place that was located on Fontabelle in St. Michael. It had the Super X outside. You could enter, be shaken, go skiing and even deep-sea dive. What was the name of that pizza place? OMG!

5. Ronald McDonalds was here. McDonalds's! Travel along the South Coast and look for the signature 'shingle' roof. Consolidate your energy and drive slowly in the Hastings area. Get it?

6. Beef Eater. Were you a fan of their beef and potato rotis too?

Any other eatery which you loved that's gone?

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