Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Fee on Approval only: 6 FAQs about the Welcome Stamp Visa

Stamps in a passport (FILE)

Stamps in a passport (FILE)

Barbados is not seeking excessive or unfair profits by way of the Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa initiative.

Therefore, applicants for the Welcome Stamp, seeking to work remotely from Barbados, will only be required to pay the fees if approved.

Asked why the government took the stance of payment only upon approval, Minister of Tourism and International Transport Kerrie Symmonds told Loop News:

“We are welcoming people to Barbados not profiteering off of them.”

Consideration is being given to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the finances of millions of persons globally, not only locally and regionally.

Despite many visa application processes, including the procedure to ascertain US visas demanding fees be paid upfront whether approved or denied, that is not the route Barbados is taking on this.

Here are six Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa initiative:

  1. What are the visa fees?

Individual – Fee of US $2,000.00 

Family Bundle – Fee US $3,000.00

  1. When do you pay the fees?

Upon approval the non-refundable fees are applicable.

  1. What does the fee cover?

Tourism Minister Kerrie Symmonds told Loop: “The fee is the processing cost.”

  1. How long is the visa valid?

The Welcome Stamp Visa lasts 12 months.

  1. Can a visa holder seek work in Barbados?

The Welcome Stamp Visa makes it impossible for the holder to seek work in Barbados after their arrival.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley today (July 21) said in Parliament:

“The Stamp shall preclude a person from also seeking to engage in employment in Barbados. If for whatever reason they want to transition, they are free to apply to the Chief Immigration Officer for any other forms of permissions that would allow them to work for persons in Barbados.

“But that is not what this for, so this immediately precludes them so that Bajans need not worry that people are coming here to take their jobs.”

  1. Must the visa holder stay in Barbados for a full year?


Prime Minister Mottley said that a Welcome Stamp Visa holder can spend a month and return or go and come as they please according to the demands of their job within the 12-month window.

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