Monday 19 August, 2019

Officer gives evidence in assault trial

A police officer recalled how an event at the Party Stand allegedly took a turn for the worst.

Police Constable Lenroy Scott 1828 said he had to deal with an angry crowd, an alleged assault on him from a female attendee and a blow to the head that rendered him unconscious. 

This evidence came yesterday in the trial of Rakelia Tania Browne. Browne, 22, of Hope Road, Orange Hill, St James is accused of assaulting Scott on July 3, 2016 while both were attended an event called Sabados.

Scott was not on duty but was dressed in plain clothes whilst attending the event. However, a security guard sought the assistance of Scott in his capacity as a police officer. The security guard and Scott apprehended a man who they suspected to be smoking cannabis.

As they attempted to carry the suspect to another location on the premises "a crowd gathered".

" [the crowd]...began to follow and started cursing the security guards," Scott recalled.

It was at this time that Scott said he showed his certificate of appointment in hopes of keeping back the advancing crowd.

However, the persons continued following despite further attempts.

He then said Browne came forward and pushed him in the chest saying "I don't care bout no police".

Despite warning Browne, Scott said she repeated the action.

The crowd became "overwhelming", according to Scott, so he said he stepped aside and asked the security to call for assistance.

Sergeant Patrick Gill 1150 arrived with other officers and Scott directed Gill inside the party. When he pointed out Browne and attempted to apprehend her, Scott said he received an "unforeseen blow that rendered him unconscious". The blow was not inflicted by Browne.

When Browne gave her side of the story she said she was not apart of the crowd. Instead she told the court she was trying to separate herself from that group of persons. Heading toward the entrance, she said she passed Scott and he put his hand in front of her and she "end up pushing him off and going back in the party spot". 

"I ain't push he, he push me and I push he back".

 Browne also claimed that Scott only showed his badge after the fact. 

Magistrate Douglas Frederick adjourned the matter until July 31 when Browne is expected to bring two witnesses.



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