Tuesday 2 June, 2020

Fire victims blown away by community response, awaiting authorities

Supporters jamming to music at the BWU fundraiser.

Supporters jamming to music at the BWU fundraiser.

The Haynes’ families are another step closer to regaining their independence.

After hosting a fundraiser last weekend, the Hayneses were pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support displayed for their benefit.

Victims of a tragic fire on February 18, 2019, which destroyed two homes owned by two brothers Tony Haynes and Carlisle Haynes in Olive Drive, St. Philip, citizens of Barbados here and abroad have truly been rallying around them to supply resources such as linens, toiletries, clothes, money and more since their loss.

Saturday, March 9, 2019, at the Barbados Workers’ Union droves of persons from across St. Philip and throughout all parishes including members of the entertainment fraternity turned up to make a contribution to the ongoing relief effort in aid of the twelve.

On his IG, in an appeal for persons to attend the fundraiser, Stabby said, “We really trying to help… It could’ve been you, me, any one of we, or any one of we family. As a man who is a family man, yuh know anything happen, God forbid. So let we just come together.” And he captioned the video, ‘This is not on a great note for this family but it's a blessing to see the artists, DJs, community and other members of society come together. Please any artists who can make it and be added to the list can do a video and make a real difference for a change. Honestly.”

Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong attended. Djs Hutchy and Sizz attended and played. Dj King Yella who is related to the fire victims also touched the ones-and-twos along with a slew of other disc jocks.

Speaking to Loop News just after midnight when the event was wrapping up, Tony said:

“I feel real good. It was a wonderful experience to know that there are still people that care about other people besides themselves, and it’s a blessing to see how much people turned out to support this cause.”

The drink and food stalls along with the ticket booth were manned by members of the family of close family friends, and they all wore shirts with a family tree on the front and Community Support written on the back.

Asked what other urgent needs they have currently or what’s the next step, Tony said, “Just for authorities to start the work that they promised to do and to get back in our own house.”


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