Thursday 6 August, 2020

Fish prices skyrocket as vendors battle with ice issue

Fish on ice at the Berinda Cox Fish Market in Oistins

Fish on ice at the Berinda Cox Fish Market in Oistins

- by Daveny Ellis

With the approaching Christmas season vendors at two of the island's main fish markets are hopeful for an improvement in fortunes.

This is despite slumps in sales coming out of the island's independence weekend. 

Some vendors attribute this to the downturn in the economy while one anonymous vendor said it was due to their increased prices and overheads.

Vendors at both Oistins and Bridgetown markets confirmed pricing for flying fish was currently at $250 per hundred and dolphin or 'mahi mahi' was priced between $9 and $10 per pound. These prices were seen as excessively high for many of the approaching customers and may be responsible for the low sales, he proposed.

Many at the Oistins facility complained that their issues in acquiring ice may be partly to blame for their increased pricing as the facility's ice machine was in desperate need of repair.

One female vendor of over a decade shared with Loop News that her normal purchase of $15 worth of ice for one day now costs her $75 when buying ice outside of the market. Adrian Wiltshire of the Bridgetown Fish Market said that some vendors at the Oistins facility travel to Bridgetown on some occasions to skirt the higher cost of ice from other private vendors nearer to that complex. However, they still incur transportation costs and run the risk of fish spoiling due to ice delays at times.

But even in the face of this, Wiltshire and many others at both Oistins and Bridgetown remain hopeful that things will improve closer to Christmas Day.

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