Tuesday 25 June, 2019

'Fish woman' Sharon Bellamy feeds the 2000 for Christmas

(left) Sharon Bellamy serving food at the Boxing Day party.

(left) Sharon Bellamy serving food at the Boxing Day party.

- By Michron Robinson

Aunty Sharon Bellamy has done it again.

This time she has managed to feed 2000 mouths at her annual Christmas party held in association with the Fishers of Men Charity. On Boxing Day, December 26, 2018, the event held at the Belle Plantation, St Michael, pulled out all of the stops this year to help those children from Children's Homes across the island amongst others.

Bellamy told Loop Community that the party has grown bigger and more successful especially with the increase in sponsorship. She added that she felt inclined to operate as a philanthropist after God called her to give and He was making all of the necessary provisions for her to do so.

Fish woman Bellamy, a member of the Bridgetown fisherfolk who sells fresh catches from within the island's Capital, said that she has been giving to this magnitude for the past ten years; however, sponsors only came on board two years ago.

She also shared a little about her background and motivation to be a mass giver. “From the time I knew myself my mother would be giving things from the larder.

"At that time I did not know myself, but the bible says the Lord loves a cheerful giver; so I give and give and give without expecting anything in return and God has truly poured out His blessings upon my life.”

Bellamy explained that she found giving came easy to her because she loves what she does.

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