Friday 23 October, 2020

Flashback Friday: Best memories from primary school days

The pressures of ‘adulting’ can often be overbearing. Don’t we all wish we could go back to a time before the bills, rent, mortgage and filing taxes.

Primary school days were arguably the best times during childhood, when the biggest obstacle was the Common Entrance Examination.

Think back to a time when: 

-Milk and biscuits were served at break-time. Sometimes the milk was served cold, sometimes warm and students were given two sweet biscuits to snack on. 

-School meals were practically free: What a joy it would be if lunch for an entire week would be only $1. Macaroni pie, chicken patty with bread, peleau rice and who could forget the slice pear or the lunch cake!

-Pitching marbles was a favourite past-time: Immediately after wolfing down the school meals, there was a race to the pasture to pitch marbles wherever dirt was available. Remember calling ‘nuffins and rest’ and ‘up taw to line’.  

-Buying snacks from vendors were an after school treat: For those who were fortunate to receive money from their parents, the joys are perusing the ‘Snack Woman’ tray after school were endless: Cheezess, Zoomers, Cherry rocks, sour worms, Bobby, ping pongs.

-Sports Days was an intense rivalry among houses- Whether your school sports was held in Queen’s Park, on Blenheim Pasture or on the school grounds, one thing was sure- fun galore. Lime and spoon race, the sack race and who could forget the excitement of the relays. By the time the day was over, the only thing left to do was collect your prizes and go home to sleep.

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