Fly Allways suspends scheduled service

Fly Allways NV, a Surinamese registered air carrier, has suspended its scheduled flights.

Among the islands affected by the action are Guyana and Barbados.

The airline on Monday announced that it will be re-organising its operations and destinations base, and as a result, it will be suspending scheduled flights and return to charters for a brief period effective January 15, 2017.

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Capt. Amichand Jhauw explained in a statement issued by the airline that since its start up in February last year, the airline has seen significant potential.

“However, like any start-up airline, there becomes a period when management should pause and take a look at the current destinations being served, and its operations base to ensure there was total efficiency including cost reduction in every instance,” he said.

He said the company is not shutting down but simply pausing its scheduled services to re-position its operations and personnel in areas where passengers can be better served.

Management is reviewing the possibility of moving the airline’s major hub from Suriname to Guyana, since it will put the airline in a position to easily operate and be positioned to offer non-scheduled charters and scheduled operations at a lower cost.

The airline said the delayed implementation of the Global Booking System, which will allow passengers from all over the world to access the airline’s booking system also impacted its decision.

The CEO stated that Fly All Ways will honour all of its current bookings, and continue to move passengers to their respective destinations.

The airline owns and operates two – Fokker 70 aircraft. 

The Charter operations on which the company started will continue to function.

Fly Allways officially started operations about a year ago on January 10, 2016, with the launch of its inaugural domestic flight.

In August last year, the airline introduced its schedule service between Suriname and Guyana and Guyana and Barbados.