Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Footballers sent off to heaven with love

Friends of Carmichael at the grave site.

Friends of Carmichael at the grave site.

Heaven welcomed two names to their football roster last Saturday evening, as Romario Antonio Carmichael and David Anthony Hall were laid to rest yesterday at the Westbury Cemetery.

Twenty-five-year-old Carmichael, a football connoisseur who represented the Exactly Football Club and Atlas FC, avidly supported Arsenal FC and was the entrepreneur of the online sports store Top 90, was commonly known for his sense of humor, passion for football and most notably his love for people.

In her eulogy, Verlese Forde described Carmichael’s ambitious character which led to the development of his business, but also his academic success from Lawrence T Gay to the University of the West Indies. 

Reverend Theodore Lawrence used Hebrews 9:27 to support his message of not fearing death for it is inevitable but living your life honorably while alive so that there will be no fear when we arrive at judgement’s gate.





{Photo: Parents of Carmichael and brother Brandon}








Hall, a talented and educated coach for over 30 years, was known for his contribution to the lives of many young footballers, particularly those who represented Kick Start Football Club during their dominant years in youth football; most notably current senior men’s national team captain Rashad Jules and team mates Raheim Sargeant (Hall’s son) and Ricardio Morris.

 The message at Hall’s service by Reverend Kevin Hunte addressed three issues.

Firstly, it addressed our faith, particularly our sentiments when we pray for something and we do not receive what we prayed for.

Revered Hunte said: "It doesn’t shake our faith, but shapes our faith”.

He encouraged the congregation, which included President of the Barbados Football Association and the Caribbean Football Union, Randy Harris, former minister of parliament, David Gill, and parliamentary representative for St Michael South Central, the Honorable Marsha Caddle, to take their fears and issues to God.

The second issue addressed by Reverend Hunte was moving on with our lives and coping with losing a loved one; describing it as sometimes a sacrifice for a greater message or cause to be accomplished.

Finally, like Reverend Lawrence, he challenged the congregation to be “ready” for when it is their turn to go the other side.

Tributes from the St Winifred’s School, People’s Cathedral School, the Ifill School and the Alpha Football Academy which Hall created, were paid to a humble, hardworking and diligent individual.

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