Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Forecast for the week: Rain or sun?

If there is one thing Barbadians can collectively agree on is that temperatures have been unbearably hot for the last few weeks.

For the week of September 8-14, temperatures in Barbados were unrelenting, reaching a high of 32 degrees Celsius on some days.

What will this week bring? Scattered showers with cloudy skies or scorching temperatures with little wind?

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According to the Barbados Meteorological Services, weather conditions for the rest of the week will consist of scattered showers, fair skies and the chance of isolated thunderstorms.

These conditions are as a result of a tropical wave that will affect the island most of Monday and into Tuesday morning. From Wednesday, a low level shearline will be affecting the island while on Thursday through Friday, weak and unstable conditions will dominate.

The temperatures for the week:

Monday - Maximum temperature: 26° C

                  Minimum Temperature: 24° C

Tuesday – Maximum temperature: 30° C

                   Minimum Temperature: 26° C

Wednesday - Maximum temperature: 31° C

                        Minimum Temperature: 27° C

Thursday - Maximum temperature: 30° C

                    Minimum Temperature: 26° C

Friday - Maximum temperature: 31° C

              Minimum Temperature: 27° C

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